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V -Brew is the brewing and distilling arm of Vitikit Ltd, which since 2014 has provided the highest quality equipment and advice to the Wine and Cider industries, but also for Brewers, Kombucha makers and Distillers. V-Brew now specialises in designing and installing brew houses and brewery equipment, and is the first port of call for brewers of Beer, Kombucha, Coldbrew Coffee and Craft Soda.

We supply a range of brewhouse solutions. From a traditional 2 vessel infusion system, to a fully automated 4 vessel system with Mash Conversion Vessel, Lauter and Whirlpool.

Our Fermentation tanks are double skinned with seamless welding (without rivets) are insulated and rated to 2 bar pressure.They are generally Conical but can also be domed.

COOLSOON is a manufacturer of chillers designed for the Austrailan market. They build very strong and reliable chilling systems for the beverage industry and for other Industrial applications. These can be plumbed into chilling ring mains.

Vitikit can help with all stages of beer processing. From carbonation to filtration, to bottling and capping. Automated or manual. This includes our Beer Membrane Filtration system.

Our Manufacturing partner, The Fabrica de Alambiques Santa Efigenia Ltd. was founded in 1948 by Mr. Geraldo Pereira dos Santos. The factory is now managed by his sons who have invested heavily in research and development, and now are a world leader in the manufacturer of craft distilling equipment.

With 70 years of experience, Santa Efigenia manufacture the vast majority of distillation equipment for craft distillers in South America. They now export their equipment and expertise to Europe Argentina, Australia, Portugal, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Vitikit Ltd, and V-Brew are the agents for Santa Efigenia in Europe, and supply equipment for the production of Rum, Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Whisky Brandy and more.


Our fermentation tanks are double skinned with seamless welding (no rivets) and are fully insulated with chilling jackets on the cone and also on the tank wall. They are generally conical but can be cone bottomed. We can also manufacture bespoke open top fermentors and horizontal fermentors. We can also fit spunding valves, hop ports, carbonation stones and more to these tanks.

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About V-Brew
we have a trusted network of suppliers offering high end equipment

We have been involved in the drinks industry mainly through our business Vitikit Ltd supplying processing equipment to Wine, Cider and Brewing customers. Wine and Cider are very similar in production so we thought a new brand for our brewing side should be formed, so we came up with the name V-brew.

We have decided to have a separate operation for this beer equipment as although there are common machines for filling, filtering, packaging etc the process of beer production is very specific.

There will be links back to the Vitikit website for generic products but we will try and keep this site brewing focused and fun….