V-Brew can help with beer processing of all kinds. From carbonation, to filtration and Bottling and capping.

We have become specialists in Beer Membrane Filtration, a technique borrowed from the wine industry that allows filtration to become automated and with a continuous output. Our manufacturing partners, Romfil GmbH provide in our opinion the best quality Crossflow filters on the market today.

We have installed Beer Membrane Filters, or Crossflow filters are breweries in the UK, and have performance data and consumables data on these machines. The Beer Membrane Filter uses far, far less consumable material, and produce less waste than conventional filtration systems.

Crossflow filtration has in the past been the preserve of large breweries, but now is accessible to microbreweries.

The Romfil XF-B systems benefit from long-term experience in engineering and building crossflow systems for wine and other liquids. Moreover they worked together with international well-known brewing specialists.

The advantages of Romfil Beer Filtration Systems at a glance:

Automated filtration
Only one filtration
High-class organoleptic results
Outstanding foam stability
Cost efficiency
Energy saving
Residual amount
Compliant to the German Reinheitsgebot

These new machines are on the market and demonstrations can be arranged, so please get in touch for details.