Brew Houses

V-Brew can supply range of brewhouse solutions. From a traditional Infusion Mash Tun 2 vessel system, to a fully automated 4 vessel system with Mash Conversion Vessel, Lauter Tun and whirlpool.

We can also supply any Brewhouse tank on its own, and can equip the brewhouse with a grist hopper, our auger system to feed the grain Hydrator.

Depending on the production needs, physical size and scale of the operation, brewhouses can be fully customised. Standard brewhouses are of course available and offer a more cost effective option.

V-Brew works with a manufacturer partner called NDL Craft, and has done for some time. This partnership has been built on the confidence that V-Brew has in the quality of the manufacturing, and very deep understanding that NDL Craft have of the brewing process, particularly with regard to the production of craft beer.

NDL Craft have installed systems all over the world including America, Canada and Australia and they are now also in the UK and Europe. References can be supplied upon request.

V-Brew will send an engineer for all installation projects.

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