Why do we work with COOLSOON chillers……..

With more than 16 years of experience in industrial water chilling, COOLSOON Austraila is dedicated to supplying advanced cooling technology and water chillers to customers all over the world. With rapid growth, Shenzhen Coolsoon Refrigeration Co., Ltd was founded to supply better and varied services to all customers.

Fully committed to the cooling technology industry, Coolsoon strive to consistently deliver quality industrial water chillers and reliable industrial cooling solutions. Coolsoon water chiller’s have a wide variety of cooling capacity with controlled water temperature. Both options of water cooled type and air cooled type chillers are available and can offer extremely precise water temperature for any applications, such as plastic & rubber, laser, chemical, food & drinks, beverage, machinery, medical and so on.

COOLSOON has built and installed complete industrial cooling systems and industrial chillers for customers around the globe. Their dedication to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction has been a source of great pride for the entire COOLSOON team.

Coolsoon use parts from trusted suppliers such as Midea, ABB, SIMENS and other enterprises.

Vitikit has engineers qualified to size and install chillers for the Brewing, Winemaking, Kombucha and more.




Normally a wide range of standard air cooled chiller can be found in following specification tables, but standard chiller systems may not always fit your unique cooling requirements. So our specialist sales can suggest units that are customized to meet your unique needs.

Specifications of Air cooled chiller