About V-Brew Distilling Equipment

Distillation must begin with fermentation, and V-Brew can supply equipment for brewing a malt or cereal wort, or through our parallel business, Vitikit supply equipment to produce a fruit wash. We can also supply the handling and fermentation equipment to turn molasses into rum.

But once your microflora and fauna have converted your carbohydrates to ethanol, and other volatile organic compounds, V-Brew can also help concentrate flavour and value – with bespoke distilling equipment.

V-Brew can supply stills, from a volume of 50L to 5000L and more. The geometry and material of construction will depend on the duty and V-Brew have supplied small copper still for rectification of gin, large double whiskey stills and tall column stills of 28 plates or more for producing “grain to glass” neutral alcohol.

V-Brew can also offer continuous distillation for higher outputs. For the brand new distilling venture, V-Brew also offers a recipe development service, as well as project management and extended training.

Distilling separates a mixture based on its components boiling points and the accuracy – or how distinct the fractions are – depends on the geometry of the still. Some heavy distillations, of say whiskey or brandy, benefit from the flavor of less distinct cuts. Some, like vodka or neutral spirit for gin production, try to remove all components except ethanol, and do so using columns filled with plates, trays or packing.


However, a copper still is also a thing of beauty. Its dull orange colour, towering windowed columns and steam age dials and instruments make something quite industrial, very artisan.


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