Distilling Brewhouse

Distilling Brewhouse

Distillation brewhouse drawing


The V-Brew distillery brewhouse is designed to be an easy to use brewing system suited to easily producing high gravity wort. It misses a kettle, an unnecessary stem in most distillery wort productions and includes a large buffer tank to allow for smooth, so easy, wort transfer through the heat exchanger. Cereal cookers and pipe in pipe heat exchangers (for an on grain fermentation) can also be integrated.

Mash/Lauter Tun

  • Fully Tig welded – no rivets – double skinned with 80mm insulation
  • Not heated – but steam heating jackets can be fitted at extra cost
  • Side mounted grain shute and top manway
  • False bottom and Underback/Grant
  • With combined Lauter rakes and grain emptying plough.


  • Fully Tig welded – no rivets – double skinned with 80mm insulation
  • Steam Heated with 2 jackets on the side and 1 on the bottom.
  • Top Glass manway with LED lighting


  • Tangential inlets to initiate whirlpool and vortex breaker
  • Top Manway and LED lighting
  • Tubular heat exchanger available at extra cost.

Also Includes

  • Sanitary Brewing pump with speed control
  • Stainless steel transfer Plate Heat Exchanger on triclamp fittings
  • Non slip Work platform
  • Wort oxygenation and yeast adding tank.
  • Pt100 Temperature sensors on Mash, Kettle and Whirlpool
  • IFM flow sensors for Hot Liquor and Wort.
  • Brewhouse prices are indicative, and do not include control panel.
Distillation brewhouse technical drawing