Extra Column

Extra Column

Universal Still with brewer

The most common setup for a universal still is a pot with a bypassable 4 plate column and dephlegmator, or pre-condenser. This is perfect for most products, but if the distiller wants to produce vodka, or neutral spirit for gin rectification, far more bubble plates are required – and so a bigger column is needed.

Each plate forces vapour through a liquid and on its way the vapour becomes enriched with the more volatile components and the liquid – through which the vapour is bubbling – becomes more enriched in the less volatile components. So, with each plate, the vapour becomes purer.

V-Brew offers extra columns of any size, these can be setup is a series of short columns, where the distiller does not have sufficient height in the distillery – or (and preferably) the column can be erected in one piece. The extra columns are typically built from stainless steel with copper bubble caps but can also be built in copper at the distillers request.



  • The cost to add a 24 plate column to a universal still (which has 4 plates as standard)
  • Column is made from stainless steel, but can have copper bubble caps
  • Including dephlegmator
  • With CIP spray ball at every plate
universal still technical drawing