Universal Still

Universal Still

Universal Still with brewer

Universal, or hybrid stills, combine features of a pot and column still and, because some of these features can be bypassed, it gives the distiller a lot of flexibility. This flexibility makes them very popular with craft distillers.

They usually are made up of a pot coupled with a by-passable column, or columns, which allows the distiller to choose a pot distillation, to run the spirit through a 4 plate column to produce a cleaner spirit, or to run through a column of 24 plates or more and produce vodka or neutral spirit for gin rectification. Often a small universal still is combined with a larger wash still to produce an enriched wash, or low wines of 25-30% making the universal still – in this case acting as a spirit still – behave far more efficiently.

V-Brew recently supplied a universal still with pot, separate by-passable 4 plate column and also separate 24 plate column, allowing the distiller to use pot still mode4 plate, 24 plates or 28 plates for distillation. This gave the flexibility to make whiskey, rum or vodka on one small – albeit tall – distillation set.


  • Powered by steam or electricity.
  • Main pot, 4 plate column, dephlegmator in C12200 copper.
  • 4 Plate column with dephlegmator and full cip
  • Botanical basket lined with copper
  • Stainless steel condenser
  • Stainless steel parrot and glass
  • Agitator with ATEX motor
  • Cip Pump with ATEX motor – hard piped to CIP spray balls
  • Frame and table to support column, botanical basket and condenser
universal still technical drawing