Whisk(e)y Stills

Whisk(e)y Stills

Whiskey Still with brew


Whisky or whiskey stills are simple and relatively inexpensive. They generally have no column, packing or plates and so the distillate is often passed two or even three times through the still for purity. Copper is the traditional material of construction; copper is easy to work and has excellent heat transfer properties. Also, copper helps to precipitate some sulphur compounds. Stainless steel is also possible – or a combination of stainless steel and copper.

Some designs of whiskey or whisky still – for example the Cachaca still – integrate 2 or 3 plates directly above the pot. This enables the the distiller to produce a spirit in a single pass, but the ability to do this will depend on what the composition of the fermented was and the target qualities of the spirit. These stills are common in whiskey or rum production and can also be used for rectifying gin. Our whisky or whiskey stills feature the following:


  • Working surfaces of pot, gooseneck and lye arm made from C12200 copper
  • Condenser in 304 Stainless Steel – available in copper at extra cost
  • Single skinned
  • Glass manway
  • Stainless steel legs
  • Stream powered with internal coil
  • Accessories include; pressure relief valve, thermometer, pressure gauge CIP spray ball and thermowell
Whiskey Still Technical Diagram