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fermentation tanks at expanding brewery

Unless you’ve been living under rock the last couple of years, it is impossible to ignore the marked expansion in popularity of locally made drinks, whether it be kombucha, cider, spirits, wine or beer. In recent months, we have received many phone calls from existing and new clients regarding expanding their production set-up. They have been in touch to purchase new equipment to accommodate their rapidly growing businesses. This article will discuss expansion and the bottlenecks that are presented when your demand is close to or higher than production levels.

Do You Need To Expand Capacity?

Many producers of locally made beverages have seen a surge in popularity over the events of the last 18 months. It seems it is here to stay and many of our customers report working late into the night to ensure deadlines are met. Preparing for growth can be daunting, but increasing your output capacity comes with many benefits. It can:

  • Decrease unit costs and increase profit margins on products
  • Decrease energy costs through more efficient processes
  • Enable better customer services, with the ability to respond to large orders or seasonal demand in your products
  • Support better planning with reduced lead-times and ability to move towards a demand driven model.

Reasons For Production Reaching Capacity

There are many signs of production reaching capacity. It is usually down to a particular bottle neck in the process. This could be bottling, pasteurising, labelling or any combination of these steps in the process. This often caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Labour Intensive Processes – Many processes are labour intensive but do they have to be? We have specialists in automation who can help speed up processes and remove the staff power required for certain tasks.
  • Outdated Equipment –  The old second-hand small bath pasteuriser might have been great when starting out, but out with the old and in with the new. Your equipment has to reflect your scales of production and investment in new equipment is key to stepping up production You can read about some of our latest machines in our article The Future Brewer.
  • Time Consumption – Many processes are inherently slow, when mis-matched speeds on different processes occur it is understandably frustrating. We can help recommend equipment which is the right size to suit your business for now and into the future.

What Can We Help With?

2 Vessel 500L Brewhouse

V-Brew understands that every business has its own requirements and a one size fits all approach is often not what is needed. We offer a complete range of services and products to aid in getting your production up to speed, these include:

Automation & Control

We have dedicated control engineers, who can offer bespoke solutions to automate and control beverage production processes. V-Brew systems use Weintek touch screens to interface, these have the ability to log data, provide remote access and display information for the health of a product. You can read about an example of a recent project in our article that focuses on our new Smart Pasteuriser. V-Brew and our sister company Vitikit Limited firmly believes the future of the industry is hinged on technology.

Help & Advice When Selecting Equipment

At V-Brew, we pride ourselves on giving great advice and guidance to our customers. Our specialists are qualified to size and recommend the equipment you need. We don’t do pushy sales and have many testimonials from customers, if you would like to see how others find working with our team.

Installation & Training

Not only can we supply your equipment but we are best placed to install and commission it. What’s more, we can also carrying out as much training as you require on how to best operate machinery such as brewhouses. We have completed many installations and training packages for our clients.

Contact Us

Our engineers and support staff here at V-Brew always offer tailored advice and solutions unique to all our customers. You can read what our customers have said about us on our references page. If you want to speak to one of our advisers, call us on (+44) 01395 233031 or simply drop us an email to We look forward to supply you with equipment required to take your business to the next level in your growth strategy.

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