uni tank with brewer holding beer

Uni tanks are fermentation tanks that can also be used for conditioning, meaning a brewer can ferment and carbonate in a single tank. Even if the brewer does want to transfer the beer, the uni tank is flexible enough to accept beer from either another uni tank, or wort from the brewhouse.

V-Brew uni tanks are fully insulated with a fully welded secondary jacket. There are no rivets or crevices to harbour rouge microbes. The tanks are also chilled via a jacket on the cone and on the side wall, allowing efficient cooling below the point that the convection currents switch, which is about 3.5°C.

Uni tanks typically come with a 60° cone for easy yeast harvest and removal, a full discharge and a partial discharge with racking arm assembly, thermowells, hop port, spunding valve and CIP assembly.


brite tank with brewer holding beer

Traditionally, beer is ‘brite’ when its clear, but modern beers can move through a brite tank onto packing without clearing at all – a function partly of the grain bill and hop regime. V-Brew brite tanks are used for storage, maturation and carbonation, as well as producing a ‘brite’ beer.

The brite tanks are dished bottomed, making them shorter than a conical tank of the same volume and diameter, and are useful when head height is tight. Its common also to ferment in a V-Brew brite tank, though yeast handling becomes more challenging. They can also be used as cellar serving tanks.

V-Brew brite tanks typically are dished bottomed and cooled using a dimpled jacket, and are insulated with a welded secondary jacket. The tanks are supplied with a carbonation stone, with CIP assembly and with a sample tap.


horizontal brite tank

The V-Brew horizontal brite tanks are a stackable solution, for when a brewer has more floor space than height. They are also common as serving tanks in taprooms, where they can be stacked behind the bar.

The horizontal brites also benefit from a large bottom area, which can be useful when dropping non-flocculent yeast. A horizontal tank – especially compared to large cylindroconical tanks – subject yeast to a lower hydrostatic pressure, which can be desirable when certain esters are desired.

V-Brew horizontal brites are insulated and clad with a fully welded secondary skin. They are chilled using a dimpled jacket and are supplied with sample tap, CIP assembly and carbonation stone.


cip set tank

Clean in place (CIP) sets are designed to make cleaning tanks and vessels easy and thorough. They consist of a wheeled frame with two tanks, one insulated and heated and the other single skinned, a VFD controlled pump and a pipe manifold.

Cleaning Solution – generally caustic is heated and then circulated through a sprayball and back to the pump to be recirculated to the sprayball. The pump is VFD (speed) controlled so the flow-rate can be controlled. The heat and flow-rate are both key components to effective cleaning.

The second tank generally contains a sanitising solution, which helps to sterilise the now clean tank.


hopzilla - hop gun machine

The hopzilla aims to make dry hopping easier, safer, more efficient and with less oxygen pickup. Instead of loading hops into a fermenter – giving millions of nucleation points and the chance of uncontrollable breakout -the hops are introduced through a second vessel. The hopzilla.

The hopzilla is filled with hops, usually pellets, its pressure is balanced with the FV or CT and the beer is pumped in a loop – macerating hop pellets and increasing aroma yield in the process.

Many brewers find they get up to twice the aroma, or are able to use half the hops.

Yeast Brink

yeast brink

This modified NDL stainless steel keg makes high quality cost effective yeast brink. The yest brink is designed to collect yeast from a fermenter to be saved, and pitched again into a new batch. The number of generations that may be re-pitched is dependent on the yeast strain, reusing to many times may result in mutations in the yeast strains that may eventually change the desired fermentation characteristics.

The design features 3 legs with wheels to make it highly mobile. It also features tp clamp housing pressure relief and pressure gauge, agitator and handle and side thermometer.


Hopper adder

The Hop Adder is aimed at brewers who want to Dry Hop thier brews. The dry hopping process originating in the UK, the process involves adding additional yeast after the wort has cooled. This adds exciting flavours and aromas to any brew. The hop adder is designed to allow brewers to add hops under equalised tank pressure, avoiding foam and oxygen pick-up.

The design comes in the 15 Litres in standard but can be made bespoke to your brewery requirments. The design features a 60 degree bottom with butterfly valve, CO2 vent with pressure gauge and CIP pipework is available as extra.


cold liquor tank

The hot liquor tank despite the name the tank never holds anything that has alcohol in it or sweet wort and the container is used to bring brewing water to mash temperature. The hot liquor tank is also where many brewers add brewing salts. The hot liquor tank is steam heated but is adaptable to be electrically heated also.

The design features an 80mm insulation along with a manway and PT100 temperature sensor. It also has a water inlet and level control system with recirculation and delivery pump.


cold liquor tank

The cold liquor tank has a Glycol Jacket, and optional heat exchanger in order to deliver chilled water. The cold liquor tank can be used to cool the bitter wort down to a fermentable temperature field after boiling or vessel temperature management.

The design features 80mm insulation, manway, PT100 temperature sensor, Water inlet and level control system, Recirculation and delivery pump.


V-Brew Quality Kegs

NDL Kegs are high quality, custom manufactured, stainless steel kegs, casks, and growlers used in the brewing and beverage industry all around the world. Founded on a philosophy of integrity and commitment, NDL offers innovative stainless steel products, reliable delivery, and unsurpassed service standards.

Since thier humble beginnings as a small shop in China, NDL Keg has grown to become a trusted manufacturer and supplier of reliable, competitively priced and environmentally responsible containers to brewing and beverage producers large and small.

NDL’s attention to detail ensures that the quality of your product will remain the same as when it left your facility. Through continuous production inspections to ongoing manufacturing process improvements, NDL kegs and casks are built with quality to contain your craft. We respect your commitment to creating a quality product as we do our own, and it shows in each container we produce.